About Me:

Self-Portrait of joshi daniel I am a photographer based out of India. My passion lies in capturing images of people I’m intrigued by—their faces, the stories behind them, their lifestyles, cultures, and traditions. I like endlessly roaming around the streets, wherever I go, and spend time learning and understanding my subjects. Also, as is apparent from my blog, I do have a soft corner for portraits and images in black and white!
If you would like to buy a print of any of the images or work with me for assignments and commissioned works, get in touch with me here.

About This Photoblog:

On August 1, 2008 I started this photoblog to showcase the ‘images of people’ that I shoot  and creating images for this photoblog has always been an exciting and fulfilling challenge. Click here to view the entire thumbnail Archive of 337 images posted over the last 6 years.

Awards and Recognitions:


Exhibited my images at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011, held in Mumbai under the theme ‘Faces’.


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