Unaffected traditions

Black and white portrait of a tribal woman with a large ear plug from Wayanad in Kerala
Tribal Woman | Wayanad, Kerala, India

170 Replies to “Unaffected traditions”

  1. Wow. You really find the most amazing images to capture, and then do so in such a unique way…..I’d love to go on a journey with you one day…..

  2. This shot is absolutely amazing! I don’t often get to find that quality of image on wordpress photoblogs. Congrats!

  3. Another great portrait. The photograph has been toned wonderfully, and looks like you caught the subject in a candid moment of reflection. Great work.

  4. Your blog has a bug in comment submitting form. It shows nothing after entering and leaving text in name, email and site. But good that it is there. Possibly font color in these or something else is causing problem.

  5. When I read Tribal Woman and India, it honestly took me a while to put the two together. Not a place I think of being tribal. I guess I have some study to do!

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