About Me:

I am a photographer based out of India. My passion lies in capturing images of people I’m intrigued by—their faces, the stories behind them, their lifestyles, cultures, and traditions. I like endlessly roaming around the streets, wherever I go, and spend time learning and understanding my subjects. Also, as is apparent from my blog, I do have a soft corner for portraits and images in black and white! If you would like to work with me for assignments and commissioned works, get in touch with me here.

About This Photoblog:

On August 1, 2008 I started this photoblog to showcase the images of people that I shoot  and creating images for this photoblog has always been an exciting and fulfilling challenge. As a mark of my fondness for black and white, this site uses only different shades of grey for all its elements.





Collaborations and Assignments:

GoPro • Google Pixel • Skoda • Daniel Wellington • Philippines Tourism •  Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia • Garuda Indonesia • Dream Cruises • WirtschaftsWoche • Brussels Airlines • Forsyth Lodge • Victorinox

Social Media Followers:

Instagram: 46k+ • Twitter: 24k+ • Facebook: 10k+

28mm Portraits Project:

I’ve been working on my 28mm Portraits Project since June 2017. Click here to take a look at this project.


Exhibited my images at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011, held in Mumbai under the theme ‘Faces’.


Click here to view the entire thumbnail Archive of 627 images posted over the last 11 years.

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If you would like to buy a print of any of the images, get in touch with me here.


I mostly use Nikon DSLRs, Apple iPhones and GoPro to capture images. I occasionally shoot with film.

Copyright Information:

All photographs found on this site are copyrighted to joshi daniel. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of photographs without express and written permission from joshi daniel is strictly prohibited.


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1,853 Replies to “About”

  1. Buddy ,gr8 job done,,da,, good work,,
    beta maangaye thereko,,, u r superb,,man,,,,
    hai any way come down to Cochin on Aug 21st .booked you 4 taking picks for my wedding and reception,, on 22nd,,
    don’t tell me no ..u have to ..da…plzz,, (a frnds request)

  2. Kindly see my portfolio and incase you feel i have potential to be a PRINT ADS MODEL kindly promote me to your contacts in the ad industry and I would love to be photographed by you as well if and when you have the time in Mumbai. I cannot leave the city right now but may be in Bangalore in Oct. Where are you situated? If you find me interesting, pls contact on dumrigar@gmail.com or 9820239105 tks

  3. मोगॅंबो खुस हुवा! :-)
    मझा आ गया यार! Lovely work you have displayed! Each portrait on your blog has life in it. Your blog is neat and well maintained. जीयो गुरू…

  4. hi, am vivek from chennai n am working as film asst director down south.
    i would love to tell u this that ur photography are really amazin. i wanted a help from u can u pls suggest me a SLR cam which i can buy for the purpos of making portfolios. and if u can get me any links in bollywood.

  5. Hey joshi, thanks for checking out my blog. I have to admit you are a fantastic photog and have a great site here. I’ll put up a link to your blog at mine. I ecpecially liked the portrait of the girl with the henna tats.
    Hava great day…Ed
    I wouls suggest a camera to Vivek but since I am primarily a nature photog you would be better suited to that. I use a Nikon D80 and love it and am getting ready to upgrade to the Nikon D300.

  6. hey dear congrats for reaching dos magical 10000….
    hey i wud love to tell u dat ur site is superb..great awesom pics…esp dat dhobi ….one of ur best work …..(till now)i know and believe dat ur best is still to com…
    always luking forward for newer pic…..
    u trulyy deserve all d appreciation for ur pics…as dey r really grt …
    wishing u success ……

  7. Dear Joshi,
    It is a matter of great pleasure to invite you to participate in India’s first photography contest site, http://www.chromebug.com
    Chromebug has been borne out of a single minded passion – to promote photography. You might be a professional or a shutterbug as long as you have been bitten by the photography bug, you are welcome aboard India’s first dedicated photography contest website.
    Chromebug isn’t another image storage website where you can store and showcase ‘images’; we are about pictures that speak to the viewers.And the ones that the viewers think speak out the best are awarded. Yep! We believe that a good job should always be rewarded.
    CB runs a contest for you every month and if you think you have a picture that fits the contest theme, pit yourself against the rest of the users to find out. While participating in the contest you can also judge other entries and vote for them too. The picture that bags the maximum votes from the users and the panel of experts is adjudged the winner.
    Easy as 1,2,3 ……Well then!

  8. Hi Joshi. Found you through link referral. Thank you for the kind review. Your portrait photography is wonderful and rich. I appreciate you sharing your art with the world. I look forward to following your work.
    Mahalo~ (Hawaiian for Thank You).
    Liisa Roberts

  9. Hi Daniel,
    This is S Vinoth kumar from Chennai, i am a photography and art lover.
    I own multiple online art store you can have a look at one of my art store http://www.artforall.ecrater.com
    Soon we are planning to have photographs in our stores, would like to display your photographs in our store.
    We also manage stores for individuals for a monthly charge.
    Please let me know if you are interested.
    You can reach me any time vino832004@gmail.com or call me 98417 41234.

  10. Nice blog and superb shots. This template sets the colours off wonderfully. I have the same one, but your shots just seem that much more better. I’m glad I stopped by

  11. Hi , thanks for adding me to your network in indiblogger. your photographs are amazing, enjoyed going through it.
    You knw I have always wanted to learn the art of photgraphy, but dont know how to go about it, any suggestions ?

  12. Hi Josh,
    I arrived here from IndiBlogger. I must say that I am really impressed with your photography. There’s a lot I need to learn from you! I have been into photography for quite some time now but have not been able to go beyond the “aperture-shutter-speed” basics into the actual creativity and capturing emotions kinds of stuff.

  13. hi Joshi..
    real cool pictures on your blog!
    would like to know, did you start out as a hobbyist..or have you some professional degree in photography.Am a hobbyist and aspiring to be a pro.,so thought i’d ask!

  14. Hey,
    How to contact you??? no contact no. is given. Want to have a professional photoshoot for myself. Want to enquire about that.
    Please respond!!!

  15. Great work JoshiDaniel. I request you to look at Stockchitra.com, which is a new stockphoto website promoted by me. This is an exclusive Indian stockphoto website with an affordable pricing. Please register as a photographer and sell your photos by uploading into your account. Sorry if I troubled you.

  16. Dear Joshi: I noticed all the great talented work you do. We are a matting company. We would like to invite you to our site to enjoy 10% off you order. use code word (welcome) at checkout. Coupon valid until 8/23/09. We would appreciate you stopping by. Good luck to you.

  17. its one year of blogging now…congrats….i am veryy happy as well as excited to go thru ur journey from 1st aug 2008 to 1st aug 2009..so many things hav been changing on ur blog..4m wordpress.com to jd.com woww ..80k visitorss wowww..congrats 4 all these achievements..and above all ur pics…mindblowing i shud say…its becoming classier .more better dan previous pics…infact every new pic seem to b competing wit prev pic in terms of class….I wish 4 u many mor achivements and greater success in future too… once again congrats…gud job buddy…..u and ur blog rocks…

  18. Hi, I am looking o get a portfolio done for myself as an actor so can you please send me your contact details. Thanks

  19. Thank you very much for your comment on my blog!
    You have such a great collection of pictures on your blog! I’ll visit it very often from now on…
    Have a really nice day!

  20. Hello, can I ask how you have built up such a large following for your blog? Apart from the great images that is ha.
    I’m an aspiring photoblogger myself and would love some advice.

  21. Hey..
    Okay..I dont wanna repeat it..ofcourse the photographs are just greatt!!!
    I needed a help or lets say a little tip/favor..
    I am a trainee journalist..and I just love photography…
    Actually, I am a budding photographer and I want to explore the field..but I wish to branch from digital to manual SLR..so can you please tell me as to which manual SLR camera would be perfect for a photographer who is just starting..which I can learn and wean into better one..
    remember that am a kid actually..and I would need to use almost all money saved up to get a pretty cam..so think about the price aspect too when you are answering..and PLEASEE DOOOO ANSWER..
    thank uuuuu sooo much..( in advance…so that you feel guily if you dont answer)..

  22. Congrats…4 ur journey ….blog started on 1st aug08, no of hits 10k on 25th dec 08,1 year of blogging on 1st aug 09..and tdy 4th oct 09 blog hits touched magical figures of 1 lakh….d journey began as wordpress.com to jd.com………congrats…but still d best is yet to come 4m u ………it tuk 3months for 10k and 9months for 90k….dats how ur growth bloom is……my buddy dis is nothing wen i see d calibre in u…..i wont even mention it as ur stepping stone towards success…..as really even sky is not d limit for u……..dats how gud u r in photography……..u know ders only 1 nominee and 1 recepient for my best photographer award…..”dats u”…..lov u 4 it……wishing u all d best in ur journey ahead……….awaiting 4 more classic pics of urs…..
    ……remember dat hoarding in bandra is still awaiting for joshi daniel photography…..

  23. Dear mr.
    We browse at your web photo gallery and we really like it. We would like to ask you if you want show off some of your photos at our web pages, under link guests. Your photos would be under your name. And we simultaneously place link of your webpage to ours.
    We would include you as VIP guest.
    So if you want send us some photos, send to our e-mail 12 photos. Size of longer side is 800 px and 72 – 240 dpi.
    Thank you
    We are looking forward for your reply
    Ladislav Cepelak
    e-mail: fotocepelak@gmail.com
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  24. ws going through your blog n found it very informative and intersting..:)
    We are having an Focussed Nokia Blogger\’s Meet up today at 1:15 at Taj Land Ends Bandra West.
    Please share ur contacts with us so that we can extend the detailed info about the Meet Up.

  25. Hi there!
    Loved your work! especially the black and white ones. I am on the look out for someone who can capture moments just like urself for a private wedding assignment. We could speak about the commercials and availability etc if you wish. If you can forward ur contact details to me on the above address that would be grt!

  26. My biggest dilemma is wat to coment 4 his pics….all r simply awesom…so i m short of words…..every pic dat he puts r better dan last pic…u rock..so does ur pics….. i lovd last pic man wit umbrella mor becoz dat was natural shot…lik most of ur pics…even in previous pic wat i likd is dat ur camera zooms in dos old beautiful hands which most of us miss…so u draw our attention to dos details which common man lik me doesnot even notice…great Job buddy…well done…luking forward 4 many such new pics sweety…umaah……………

  27. I am learning photography and am impressed with this site…and your work..
    I am on face book and have commented on your pics there…
    would like to collaborate…

  28. Dear Daniel,
    Its a matter of priviledge and honour to be a part of your network. I have always loved and adored your blog. I wish I could have been like you. Keep on udpating the blog and keep me upated.

  29. Hi Joshi Daniel,
    I saw that you added me on your indiblogger network. I feel honoured and so thank you for that.
    I am also a photographer in process of building my portfolio right now…
    I will be adding you on fb.

  30. Hi Joshi,
    I chanced upon your website and am very impressed with your photographs.
    I like especially the photograph titled – Sanctity of marriage & A captivating glance.
    I would like to ask for your permission to use your photographs on http://worldcamerapics.blogspot.com/. Rest assured that we will not modify any part of your photograph, and your signoff joshi Daniel photography will remain in the picture. Please advise if i can post your photographs on the abv website.
    Thanks you in advance.
    You are invited to share your photograph with http://worldcamerapics.blogspot.com/.
    This is a new blog and the intention is to share your photographs to the masses. You are welcome to indicate your website/photoblog address on your photograph too. Invite your friends to do so too.

  31. Hello, someone sended me your website. I had to say something to you, like feedback. I hope you take it in right way. As a viewer i found it irritating which titles you chose for your pictures. I mean its almost a illustration of what you see, but not always. Some people on picture are so immens beautiful and then you write it’s a hard life, as a title. I didnt get it.
    But all the best with your passion, very nice the way of using light in your photos.

  32. Once again its me ….following ur blog 4m 1st aug08, no of hits 10k on 25th dec 08,1yr on 1st aug 09.. 4th oct 09 1 lakh visitors…..
    by 9th april 2010..u hav touchd 2lakh visitors!!!! congooo to u!!!!!
    mor dan d nos buddy its the quality of pics which has peaked dat makes people lik me regular visitors!!! ur pics r simply adorable!!!
    love u sweety!!(i know u will kill me 4 dis) & ur pics 2 hahahha!!!! umaah!!!!!
    waiting for ur many mor superb pics!!!!!

  33. Dear Sir,
    Adobe is making a product launch on 12th April, 2010 in Mumbai at the Trident Hotel. The launch in India is happening along with the global launch. We would like to discuss the possibility of your presence at the event and would like to have your contact number for this.
    Warm regards,
    Udhav Sureka
    Adfactors PR
    New Delhi

  34. Dear Mr. Daniel
    you are blessed with the all seeing eye. In fact i felt a little guilty when i browsed through your site because i am experiencing such joy, when something captivates you and leaves you speechless, for free.
    The first thing i noticed is the sharpness of your eye. Then came the riot of colors. The black and whites are like iron which will never catch rust. A novice photographer myself, but i know when to take my hats off when i see a master. hats off!

  35. i see you have become quite a sensation with your photography with fans following you from all over the world… both your blog and facebook fan page are hits with loyal followers …your are appreciated for your variety and depth of quality in your pics … the core message of your pics and the message it brings … sometimes through your pics we see the hard reality which we otherwise forget .. some being educative ones ..and some downright glamorous.. others being cute and innocent.. mostly every pic offers a different feel every time u upload them
    it was good to see you changing your focus to people photography especially focusing on street and it was worthwhile to see the quality and depth your pics brings … n now every pic is like a sensation …
    wish you all success and happiness .. hope this grows bigger than this … n u deserve all the appreciation your getting and .. your deserve a hell lot more …
    take care …. and continue giving your followers what they always look for .. quality and superb photography … you have always given something different from the usual blogs…. so be different …. be you because thats what differentiates your blog from the rest.. :)
    proud of you and happy for you

  36. Hi Joshi:
    I was really mesmerized by your fotos..U have magic in your clicks.. U can reach greater heights.. God be with you!! I would be proud to have you as a friend!! :) further details, if u respond..

  37. Hi Daniel
    I saw your porfolio.Its amazing. Keep up the good work.
    Not sure if you do wedding photography, but if you do, please let me know of your availability for covering my wedding in Bombay on the 26th June this year.
    Would be great to see a wedding portfolio and your prices.
    Hope you do do weddings:)

  38. Hello Joshi,
    Excellent pics … I stumbled upon your blog while surfing the net.
    My wife and I have been travelling in India for the past 6 months. It’s been a great experience and having a gr8 time with a camera. Do you give lessons in Mumbai?
    We keep coming to Mumbai since we have family here.
    Good Luck and I shall look forward to visiting your blog on a regular basis.
    Madhu http://10yearitch.com

  39. Greetings and Aloha. I would very much like to purchase some of your work. Depending on the cost my wish list to follow. Smile of a Sadhu is certainly at the top of my list !! Thanks for the pleasure of viewing your images.. Mahalo nui loa…

  40. I am not sure if you received my reply, I would be interested in 11 by 14 and 17 by 22 inches, I am looking forward to your reply. Cheers,

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  42. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 5000 plus comments on ur blog … milestones milestones …one after the other …. you have a long way to go dearie…. entertain us with your fascinating work and dedication :)

    cheers :)

  43. HI josh! Its always great to visit you. Have lived in Trivandrum for 17 years and great to see some photgraphs from there. PI would like to shoot a self potrait to paste it in my blog. Please give me some tips or idea, since nothing cliked for two year that slot is empty. Thanks

  44. On August 1, 2008 I started this photoblog to showcase the ‘images of people’ that I shoot. ……….woww tdy 1st August 2010 u hav completed 2 years and many more achievements for u blog…
    hop u continue to treat us with such delightful/awesom mindblowing pic……congrats!! …umaah to jd photography,to his camera and blog!!!umaah :-*

  45. Hi Daniel – came across your blog via a comment of yours on my blog and when I opened your website – I’ve been blown away. Infact, I’d say its a true pleasure to get a comment from an artist of your stature. Your captures are mind blowing – especially some of the B&W portraits are such that they’d stick into your head for long times to come.

    I gave a quick look at your blog and I do intend to search and read a lot more about you and read your photos in detail.

    Great going sir!

    Sheer pleasure to get to see your blog.

    Punit Sethi

  46. blog started on 1st aug08, no of hits 10k on 25th dec 08,1yr on 1st aug 09.. 4th oct 09 1 lakh visitors… 9th april 2010..2lakh visitors!!!!28th sept 2010 u reached 3lakh visitors!!.d stats speak everything!!wat can i say??sky d limit! mindblowing superb love u sweetyy!!!! keep it up!!& keep growing!ummaah!

  47. congrats for the 300,000 visitor stats :) you have really made a mark in the field of photography by being uniquely different :) you are setting standards for others to follow in all genres of photography… congrats n keep up the good work master photographer.

  48. Beautiful images!
    I am Sonali, community admin at Travelwell.in.We have got an exciting contest for Nature lovers and travelers. If you have had an unusual journey, with interesting, practical ways of how you travelled eco-friendly, we invite you to share your experiences in not more than 1200 words. Perhaps your story could add to efforts in conserving this irreplaceable mountain system.rnTo participate log ontohttp://ecotrail.in You could win Hiking Gear from WWF-India and get featured in Lonely Planet Magazine India. Thanks!

  49. Hi!

    I absolutely love your photos and I have chosen your blog as one of my three favourite blogs this week on my blog. This means I will link back to you, I hope that is ok? If not please let me know, or if you have any questions you are welcome to reply to my e-mail.

    You will find your link here in the right column – http://ropcorn.com/#favourite-blogs

    Have a nice day!

  50. Hey I run the aforesaid website( E-mag to be precise). We’re starting with a new photography section from the next month. Please revert on my e-mail if you’d be interested.

    P.S : Great work man!!

  51. hi joshi.. do you do weddings in Kerala.. ??.. if so could you tell me the procedures and details of how to go about it.. thanks a ton
    have a great day

  52. I have never come across something which makes you think for a moment..touches you deep inside…I love your work..keep it flowing….its in you…all the very best for everything you do…Alpana Jaiswal

  53. Amazing pictures ! loved the one with mud face… can you teach sth about photography. i am passionate about photography but not able to understand when to use certain features of camera. Bought one Nikon SLR camera, but it is rendered useless for lack of use. :(. Please consider suggestion of lessons on Photography.

  54. Thank you once again, I can really relate to your work…not that I know anything about photography…So far I have written about things I have gone through in life… and link myself to your photographs….maybe targeting men is not the answer to my questions…sometime I am going to request you to let me use one of your photographs for a write up….Take care and all the best…Alpana

  55. These photos depict real life in every sense. Every picture that I browsed has a story to tell and I could figure out the expression which is so vivacious in each work of art. Great work and very nice to meet a superb gem like u.

  56. I have been a fan of your work since quite some time,yesterday when i met you in person yesterday i had no idea that its you!!
    Was a pleasure meeting you!
    your pics are very touching and inspiring to me!
    Happy Clicking ;)

  57. Hello Joshi,

    We just wanted to stop by and let you know that we love what you’re doing, the photos are glorious. Great work! We also wanted to offer up a way for us to work together.

    Who are we? We’re two London based editors with deceptively French sounding names. We travel, read and engage in projects across the board a lot and we know how difficult it can be to find inspiring content be it music to politics, arts to science.

    So we’re doing something about it by starting ChorusandEcho.com. C+E is way to give our readers informed access to ideas and cities across the World, while at the same time giving our family of contributors a far larger audience and an opportunity for them to make a little bit (but hopefully a lot!) more money from their content.

    We have spent months pouring over thousands upon thousands of blogs and sites and have decided to launch in 20 cities with a handful of blogs in each. We would love to work with you here in London, there in Mumbai and beyond. We would use the content you post up on your blog, so there’s no extra work for you at all. At the same time you would be credited for any content, which means extra traffic for joshidaniel.com.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of us.

    Let us know if you’re up for getting involved!

    Luc Le Corre and Jean-Robert.

  58. Joshi,

    I need your advice!!
    I’m looking for buying an entry level camera. I need it for taking pictures of properties and apartments for posting in my website
    The camera is for rough use and in future, it will be used by my marketing person.

    I did googling and found one ( Canon power shot A2200):

    Let me know your choice.

    — Joji Mathew

  59. congrats on the viewer stats and achievements. you have come a long way.. keep up the gud work :) )
    its gud to see the number growing and popularity increasing :))

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