Roadside Barber

A roadside barber at work in Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, India
Barber | Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

69 Replies to “Roadside Barber”

  1. arree…wah joshiii…….tera jawaab nahi hai…..mazaaa aayaa yeh pic dekhne main…. badhiyaa hai

  2. aaaah… the joys of photojournalism in the streets of Mumbai. I really wish I had taken the time to capture scenes like these when I was living there. I did a bit… but not as much as I would have loved to.

    I love your use of reflections, and the sharpness of some areas of the photo compared to others. Very cool.

  3. Hello, Happy to be visiting you again :)

    Here this gaze is so expressive, I like this documentary image.
    Beauty and the previous are great succes, too!
    I like you work!

  4. congrats!! Hurray! Bravo!Really Cool! Superb!! You Did It! Way to go! Great Work! wow!! ok am tired no more words ..hehehehe… CONGRATS!!

  5. Hey Daniel…i love the expression of the barber…seems he wants to slit the customer’s throat rather than give him a haircut!
    nice clarity in reflection too…thanks for sharing:)

  6. man, i wudnt traust that guy with a razor on my throat…btw, i have started on the painting of the sadhu…when its done, i will mail the pic to u…thanks for letting me…

  7. The look he is giving, it looks like he could kill. Reminded me of a lesson that I read back at my college days. I don’t remember the title though. Anyway, nicely captured.

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