28mm Portraits Project

28mm portraits project

Since June 2017, I have been working on my new idea-the 28mm Portraits Project. For the past six years, I have primarily been using a short telephoto prime lens for my photography. I have, however, always wanted to get more close to my subjects and out of my comfort zone. Towards this end, I will be working with a 28mm wide angle lens, which is a focal length I have hardly used before.

Click here to view all the images from the 28mm Portraits Project.

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95 Replies to “28mm Portraits Project”

  1. Hi
    When I started my blog you were my first follower and I always like your photography. I love portrait, street photography and of course black and white. Could you give me some advise in reference to the black and white shades?

    1. I like to mostly focus on mostly dark and high contrast black and whites. So I always make sure I don’t over expose and try to shoot the portraits in a shade and might use a reflector also. I think you need to keep an eye on highlights and make sure it is never burned.

  2. I’m currently a hobbyist but I’ve also practiced photo journalism for years. It has been my struggle to come close to my subjects. The choice of lens is interesting and you have a greatly admirable work. Inspiring, man!

  3. With 28mm you have to get very close to get a good portrait. I am not sure what Platon uses, but I know he gets right on there. If you haven’t seen his photos, check him out. I really love the results you have so far.

  4. These really are awesome photographs! Your style certainly is unique, and it shows.

    I have always wanted to experiment with a medium or large format camera. But my income does not allow it. So I’m stuck with my Canon AE-1, 35mm camera, which I still love of course.

    I also appreciate your proper use of the English language.

  5. Nice. I’ve shooting with a 28mm for a while. On my last trip to Cuba I took only a 50mm & 28mm lens. I used the 28mm 90% of the time. I find it ot only brings a certain intimacy to the moment, but that it forces you to compose with your entire surroundings in mind.

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