A smiling fisherman from Kei Island in Indonesia

28mm black and white portrait of a smiling fisherman from Debut Port, Kei Island (Kai Island), Maluku, Indonesia
Smiling fisherman | Debut Port, Kei Island, Maluku, Indonesia

Pictured here is a smiling fisherman from Kei Island (Kai Island), Maluku, Indonesia. He was making fun of my beard. This was taken for the 28mm Portraits Project. To find out more about this Project, click here.

Thankful to Garuda Indonesia and Wonderful Indonesia for the great opportunity to #EXPLOREWONDERFULINDONESIA.

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114 Replies to “A smiling fisherman from Kei Island in Indonesia”

  1. Making fun of your beard? Outrageous behaviour! I assume the next photo of him featured a black eye? 😄 Really nice pic.

  2. God what a glorious photo Joshi. You are welcome to contribute this for Forgiving Fridays. I did a poem and poetry on seeing the broken pieces through the eyes of compassion.

    Blessings to you Joshi. You are great. :) Debbie

  3. Wonderful portrait 👍 So nice to see a relaxed subject, and then to read that he was making fun of your beard makes looking at this photo a sensational experience.

  4. Another beautiful BW shot, Joshi. Making fun of your beard, eh. Either your beard was having a bad hair day, or as usual your beard was looking and amazing and was entertaining everyone :)

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