A smiling lady from Chinatown, Philippines

A 28mm wide angle black and white portrait of a cute street vendor in Binondo, the world's oldest Chinatown which is in Manila, Philippines
Smiling old lady in Chinatown | Binondo, Manila, Philippines

Pictured here is a cute and lovely street vendor in Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown which is in Manila, Philippines. Initially she was hesitant to be photographed, but later I managed to convince her somehow even though we didn’t speak the same language. This was taken for the 28mm Portraits Project. To find out more about this Project, click here.


131 Replies to “A smiling lady from Chinatown, Philippines”

  1. A beautiful old lady so well captured with your camera! I really do love this kind of photography of ordinary people taken from another part of the world.

  2. Every portrait you photographed has captured their own beauty which is always unique, and this lady, what a beautiful smile she made at in your photograph. Thank you very much for sharing.

  3. An excellent click! The capture is so real that it gave me a strange chill – can’t really explain the feeling.. but that also tell me about the great work you did in capturing and presenting it! Kudos to you..

  4. She is so pretty! Her smile says a lot. Even though she probably doesn’t earn a lot from selling things on the street. She is very happy with her life. Beautiful shot

  5. Magnificent shot! This image of “lola” (Filipino word for Grandma) truly depicts how once can manage to give a genuine smile beyond any hardships in life. Thank you for making her smile on that day and for sharing this to the world. Hope you had a pleasant stay in the Philippines. Cheers!

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