28mm portrait of a lady from Boracay

A 28mm wide angle black and white portrait of a lady from White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
Lady | White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Pictured here is a lady whom I met while waiting to get my beard braided in White Beach, Boracay, Philippines. This was taken for the 28mm Portraits Project. To find out more about this Project, click here.

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104 Replies to “28mm portrait of a lady from Boracay”

    1. Your photography is classic, beautiful, evocative and deeply emotional. I enjoyed looking at allof them here on your blog. I shall be returning from time to time to look some more. This is qualityu work of a high order — true art!

  1. I like this one not just for the black and white choice, but because of the tilt of the head. It off centers the picture in a way that gives her coy smile some emotional impact when you look at it. Good choice.

  2. Up close! I like her easy smile, with life’s difficulties hovering just underneath. So you got your beard braided, eh? I’d love to see it! ;-) Best of 2018 to you, Joshi, may it be happy and healthy.

  3. Your pictures are AMAZING!! I am humbled you stopped by my little bit of Photography site. Thank you. I received it as an encouragement to press forward to reach your height. Blessings for the new year.

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