Portrait of a boy from Himachal Pradesh

Portrait of a cute boy from Himachal Pradesh, India
Cute boy | Himachal Pradesh, India

Pictured here is a cute boy from Himachal Pradesh, India.

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118 Replies to “Portrait of a boy from Himachal Pradesh”

  1. The muddy boots, over and under sized attire and the wheel in hands.. A perfect portrait of the innocent playful childhood..

  2. Was he not pleased to have his picture taken? I am always hesitant to take pictures of people when in a foreign land. I do not want to seem invasive. However, I think I miss some great shots, like the one you have here, when I do not take photos of people in the places I visit.

  3. This a great enigmatic image. The boy is poor, his boots are too big, as are some of his clothes. The hoop looks like his escape. The picture reminds me of trekking in Nepal years ago when my young children played with the kids in the Himalayan villages whose only toys were stones.

  4. Β·.
    As always, a great photograph. I really like the general tonality that looks like an old Polaroid photo.


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