Cracking up

A 28mm wide angle black and white portrait of a laughing young boy from Rainbow Village, Tual, Maluku, Indonesia
Laughing young boy | Rainbow Village, Tual, Maluku, Indonesia

I think it was either my appearance or the process of me taking photos of him that made this little boy laugh so much. To find out more about photos like this from the 28mm Portraits Project, click here.


141 Replies to “Cracking up”

  1. I just checked out all the photos in the 28mm project…they are all beautiful. This one is my favourite, though – the genuine joy in his face is absolutely contagious. But perhaps if I look again tomorrow, I will have a different favourite depending on my mood. They each evoke different things. Either way, thanks for sharing them!! :)

  2. すごい!
    I ♡ your work. You really capture people well. The little laughing boy is by far a favorite, a shot like that is beautiful. Besides the fact he had so much joy in watching you take photos he couldnt help but laugh in enjoyment. I think he was feeling what you felt and expressed it. Great job. I cant wait to see more.👏

  3. OMG I love your photos. You have quite a talent in seeing life stories and sharing them by the use of photography. :)

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