28mm portrait of a boy from Rainbow village

A 28mm wide angle black and white portrait of a smiling boy from Rainbow Village, Tual, Maluku, Indonesia
Smiling boy | Rainbow Village, Tual, Maluku, Indonesia

Pictured here is a young shy boy whom I met during my visit to Rainbow Village, Tual, Maluku, Indonesia. As usual he was curious about my look. But letting the kids there to play with my beard helped in getting some nice images. He was making fun of my beard. This was taken for the 28mm Portraits Project. To find out more about this Project, click here.

Thankful to Garuda Indonesia and Wonderful Indonesia for the great opportunity to #ExploreWonderfulIndonesia.

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143 Replies to “28mm portrait of a boy from Rainbow village”

  1. Like your other portraits—not only the ones in this series—you show here a person who obviously trusts you. The trust that you earn is probably a big reason you are so successful with your portraits.

  2. ·.
    After a very long absence I return to visit and I am enriched with a wonderful collection of images, each one for the better.
    I stop in the eyes of this child, who reflect the cando and innocence … and the hope that with them we can have a better world, far from hatred and fanaticism.


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