Portrait of an old lady in Idukki

Portrait of an old lady in Idukki, Kerala, India
Old lady | Idukki, Kerala, India

An old lady in Idukki district of Kerala state, India.

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99 Replies to “Portrait of an old lady in Idukki”

  1. The woman dressed in pink breaks the linear background. Nice composition. My guess is that the woman struggles a bit each day. I see that as a universal problem for the poor and the elderly.

  2. The pink silk sari reflects the color of South India. The warm shawl tied round her neck depicts the superwoman in her set out to work. And the walking stick by her side portraying the old age, subsiding her beauty. So many thoughts expressed in a single click. Amazing photography..

  3. I would like to add that women in India compromise their life for their family. They don’t think about themselves, but all the time either preparing food for their family or washing their clothes. Hats off to a mother, daughter in law and wife like this.

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