Children carrying water

Children carrying water on their head in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India
Children carrying water | Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India

Children carrying water on their head in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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135 Replies to “Children carrying water”

  1. This is a site that never fails to pain me. Actually there is nothing wrong if a child does some work to assist his or her mother to cook, wash utensils and fetch water. I remember doing that as a kid. Now me and my school going daughter help my wife cook quiet often. But the problem is the children I see in the photograph seem to be from a rural village and such children are not sent to school and are made to work from morning to night in kitchens and are often abused. This needs to be addressed by the society.

  2. A lovely image. And this may indeed be hard work, but I find it refreshing to see young people out in the natural world, using their bodies rather than staring at screens. That, to me, is a lost childhood.

  3. Great shot! Sadly it´s girls work to carry the water. When I traveled across Laos I saw just one boy carrying water, he was blind so had had to go with the girls… I think it´s the same in India.
    Greets Peter

  4. I think their world is unimaginable to kids in North America. The photo tells quite a complex story – the gray areas in between, not the black and white or good and bad of it.

  5. Excellent photograph. It’s amazing to see how children in other cultures really help assist the family in accomplishing daily tasks. I think it would be so beneficial if kids in some other countries could understand how fortunate they are. Your photo is one reason why I took my kids traveling at an early age just so they could appreciate how their life is compared to others.

  6. I’m not a photgrapher, but the probably the sun rays on the older child is prompting her to give strong looks. Rural children assist their parents in daily housework, wonder how many city children do that…only if they find time away from mobile and TV.

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