Portrait of a female model holding cigarette
A woman holding a cigarette | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

76 Replies to “Portrait”

  1. just come across your work and i’ve just spent ages looking at your work. you have some very cool images on here and alot of your work reminds me of my time spent in India(have been there the last 4 years on holiday)
    You’ve got a great site, keep up the good work.


  2. another stunning shot … u r too good with the indoor lights … amazing!

    just to get another dimension … did u try getting the cigarette smoke into tha frame?

  3. This reminds me of the great cigarette ads of the 70’s. I hate cigarettes but the ads were so seductive, I even tried smoking for awhile.

  4. Brother Nice pick.. As usual.. its good lighting …

    Move over that, we should appretiate the model, too……. She gt that attitude look in her eyes.. and shows that she is not afraid of anything. I know how to live alone and do wat she likes kind of guts in that pose… WOW ..

    Good work Joshi.. appretiation to you and the model who has given her best looks for your best shot…

    KEEP IT UP Rekvita…..

  5. Thank you for visiting my photos, Mr. Joshi. I have been looking around in your blog and am so flabbergasted to see your material. Simply amazing stuff and great work of art. Hope to see you around more.

  6. Joshi — I just love the lighting in your portraits, and in this one the way it lights the left hand is wonderful. Fantastic work my friend!

  7. Another awesome frame :)
    I love the processing you give to your photos – Like enhancing the “touch” of the vignetting effect and leaving a “spot” with light.
    Superbly done, I’m really enjoying your blog. :)

  8. Very very nice. Why don’t you send in some of your stuff for our new photoblog? We choose the best out of the lot every week and post a photo of the week. Will keep following …

    Editor, Chai Kadai.

  9. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I’ve been browsing through your photographs for a while now, and will most likely continue to do so – you’ve captivated me! Now, while I’m no photography expert by any means – I just had to complement you… well done. :)

  10. You are a really talented photographer. I wish I were this talented. Also, your blog proves that photo blogs are much more interesting and captivating than regular ones.

  11. nice work…sir the pic looks very much classy….a great click in fact…the effects of the light is also nice……which made the picture perfect….hats off to u and also credits to the model….wish u success…in ur journey…

  12. Great pic, great lighting, great model…

    Liked the fact that you could focus n pick up the emotion on the model’s mind and the cigarette and the lighting really accentuates that emotion. Very powerful, Dan.

    Also, the lighting is such that one can read that pensive emotion from the model’s face and you’ve smartly have less light on the model otherwise. This gives a sexy n classy look. I’m thinking if the lighting was stronger on the lady’s legs, it could have turned sleazy. But the brilliant use of light has turned it into the lady looking amazingly sophisticated.

    And for the model, she has a very interesting face…lotta character n yes, amazingly hot…more than the cigarette, its her who’s brings on the fire. She has that wicked look here about her which kinda adds on to her smokin hot sex appeal.

    Somehow, the only thing is the lack of smoke from the cig which kinda gives that idea that it is all posed, and that kinda takes away a little of the charm away from the superbly brilliant pic.

    Amazing pic, amazing perspective.

    Dan, u definitely the man!!!


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