Itinerant of Mumbai

Boy in Mumbai whipping himself
Itinerant | Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

An itinerant who whips himself for a living.

78 Replies to “Itinerant of Mumbai”

  1. So people pay him to beat him self? Is this like a surrogate punishment?
    A colourful occupation? This seems odd but fascinating. He seems to be enjoying his work. Nice portrait of life Joshi. Your passion for investigating life shows well.

  2. d way these people beat dem wit rope is a merciless act…wen i see dem doing dis on road i prefer not to watch…though beating is mericless ur image luks marveloous….. believe me d way u hav captured d subject gives d act soothing/serene apperance to eyes….nic 1…

  3. the vivid colors are totally awesome and Light management is exceptional for a street photgraph. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! :)

  4. You’ve got some really nice processing techniques. I find that a lot of people are pushing processing (curves, saturation, etc.) way too far, but you’re keeping the ‘filmic’ look beautifully.

  5. Sounds like an oxymoron. Beat himself for a living. What kind of living is that?!
    The capture is great and important, I was never aware that such thing exists…

  6. more than pain,this pic gives a feeling of rythm of life.his closed eyes and expression takes us to a spiritual mood..i feel this is really a gr8 pic.

  7. A lot of shots like this with beautiful color. It can’t just be because you’re photographing in a colorful country.

  8. Harsh reality of life. Specially in cosmo cities like Mumbai. You got to keep doing for keep living.

    Good candid, street photograph. Very use of post-curves

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