Fashion Portrait

Fashion portrait of a female model in black dress
A woman in a black dress | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

83 Replies to “Fashion Portrait”

  1. Boy … this is smoking hot … beautiful lighting and amazing skin tone …

    I am sure, u’d have tried other poses too. Like many people mentioned earlier, I too wud’ve liked to see a pose with her eyes. May be next time :)

  2. Hi Joshi, long time without visiting you site. This last photo is a masterpiece of lighting and expressiveness. I like the low-key treatment.

    Ah!, congrat for being selected in the weekly VFXY contest “Magic” with your image “Art nude with mehndi”.

  3. TERRIFIC POSTURE…enhanced with cutting-edge expression on her face. Rekvita has put in a lot of work in that which is brilliantly put in frame. I personally feel it would have been better if it was a RED DRESS. Good work Joshi..keep it up:)

  4. You created a beautiful studio lighting, leaving the seduction/sensuality in the dark (this is more powerful) to better focalise on the necklace, this is what you sell, I suppose, and you will sell it ;) This is BRILLIANT!!!
    I was studio photographer in another life, 20 years ago.

  5. hi. i never noticed you bookmarked me on photoblogs until now. Very nice fashion portrait stuff you got here, i’ll be sure to visit frequently!

  6. Painting with light? :)
    Great result. Interesting how small details like the fact that you can see that muscle in her leg, can make it so much more sensual.

  7. am copying the pic….and adding it to timeline on fb thnk you sir.if ne problem is thr 9029610704 ….i want to be a fashion fotographer in future….can i get lessons from you sir…glad to know a maharastrian is so famous to this feild …from last three days was searching for a perfect fashion pic and i got it for my profile ty :) (

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