Portrait of a female model waiting with red rose
A woman holding a rose | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

100 Replies to “Waiting…”

  1. totally leaves u wanting to see the face. Waiting … an apt caption. The red roses … too professional touch .. err … u r professional dude :-)

    One of the best pics of yours I liked.

  2. Bonito retrato. Esta es una bella imagen en línea con los grandes trabajos que llenan tu fotoblog.
    Desgraciadamente no se ven trabajos de esta calidad de forma habitual. Por eso resulta tan gratificante pasar por aquí y disfutar con tus fotos. Enhorabuena.

  3. lovely portrait, i hope you have one coming up where we can see her eyes, coz now i want to see her eyes lol i saw the cars in the background and i was going to joke and say ‘nice street shot!’ lol anyway, very professional and well done! i’ll see you after my blog break! cheers!

  4. The model is amazing. Although we can’t see her face, it still transmits how gorgeous she is. And with that innocent rose – Very cool photo.

  5. Photography is cool simple and lively as always – It is a fantastic idea to cover the eyes with hat -(which might not be lively or it would have spoiled ur photograpy).

  6. Beautiful woman well presented. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Forgive me for not leaving more comments but I’m trying to catch up and started posting again.

  7. Amazing…simply superb!!!…i am an avid photography lover…would love to do it professionaly some time in my life…..and your blog just gave me an insight…on how to make an impact with minimal effects…the simplicity is the beauty of it…amazing picture…i loved the colours and the intrigue thinking behind it….good job

  8. Hey dan…(mind if i call u tht??…joshi is kinda my name 2 so :P)

    anyhow i love almost everything u click…but honestly this one well i am a zilch in photography but this well wasnt up2 what i normally get from u…i bet the models gorgeous but it all looks too done up..

    the power of ur pix is that they seem plucked out of reality…well this one doesnt seem to be…

    newyz m not exactly anything in this field..but i thot since i keep dropping in …

    umm….happy clicking… :)

  9. Excellent composition!
    I also really like the fact that 3 colors are dominating… Black, White and red!

  10. Joshi – thanks for following my blog, just been looking at some of your shots – great photography! Travel and photography – unbeatable combination…

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