Art nude with mehndi

Fine art nude of a girl with mehndi on her hands
Nude with mehndi | India

181 Replies to “Art nude with mehndi”

  1. Hi Joshi! This is a fantastic image. Very sensuous and warm. I love the the composition.. Shooting from this perspective allows the Henna tattoo to draw you right into the rest of the frame and well we know what keeps us in the frame. The lighting is superb on this shot. Well done.

  2. Very nice shot. I really like the warm light and composition. I think it would work a little better if you cropped a little more from the top, to get rid of that little black spot. Other than that very nice image.

  3. Lovely shot, agree with Mac a bit more cropped off on the top to remove the black spot… otherwise excellent composition… great work

  4. interesting composition, including the beauty of the female body and the art of painting on the hand and all in one shot, and very harmonious! Excellent!

  5. Marvelous outcome. I love the color, the selective focus.. Like something out of a seductive movie scene, but there is more than just a naked woman there. She will eat you alive :)
    Splendid image.

  6. What a great piece. From the content of some of your work it looks like you are in a part of the world where this sort of work would raise the hackles of some of the ultra conservatives. Very brave. Your black and white is so expressive. The models are very beautiful. I love to come around and visit. I am glad you are part of my traffic exchange.

    Jay T.

  7. Thanks Joshiji for visiting my blog and please do visit again.

    If I say anything about your work it would be an excess; its quite evident from such a huge fan-following. Good job. Keep it up.

  8. how do u get dis ideas yaar……d pose has so much elegance in it….
    wonderful form of nude photgraphy..
    and compared to other nude pics u r trying to hide much less(heheheh) …..but yet she is luking awesom…grt job

  9. Nice tone and g8 shot. I love the curves on the lady that you have captured. The casual, relaxed posture and handing out her arms to you. It has a very good delicate feel to the capture.

  10. wow…very very nice! My ex wife was half Tunisian and had a traditional Moroccan wedding to her first husband. This reminds me of some of the photos of her wedding day. (except for the exposed breasts… ;^)

  11. Amazing photography. I just discovered your site. You are very talented. The composition on your picture is excellent. It really draws your eyes to the Mendhi-“tatooed” hand. I didn’t get the beautiful artwork on my hands and feet for my Mendhi which I regret a lot. I didn’t know about all the culture behind back then.

  12. Hi Joshi..I got your reference from Siddharth Menon..a good friend of mine. My girlfriend wants to get her portfolio made by the 11th of Jan. Would you by any chance be in Delhi before that?? Also, Please do let me know how much would it cost. Thanks a ton!
    Ph. no. – 9999241411

  13. Colors of Mehendi and the out of focus, dark colored *_*(u know what) are so much the same it gives the image a wonderful feel. Body color filling the image or rather these two maroon items on the pic like a canvas gives the shot a totally different feel to it. Amazing…

  14. I’m sorry! But, I really do not like this photograph! You could have photographed the exact same woman, in the exact same pose except “with” her clothes on!!! :(

  15. Image flashes nothing in me. According to me ‘Lightings’ were not properly balanced. Even to some extent it dumps the effect of “Mehendi” too which it actually shouldn’t have been.

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