Self-portrait of joshi daniel
Self-Portrait | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

105 Replies to “Self-Portrait”

  1. ooooooooooh .. yummy …. yummy!! heheh … can i eat those?? kekee r they urs btw??? i so doubt it .. hahah .. ye ye i know u wanna kill me … but whoever that is thats one sure hell of a body…

    n ye nice :P

  2. Intention to increase the count of female fans ?? Anyway Great body, and stunning portrait. Now ,why dont you try with a CK brand instead of Jockey ? LOL.

  3. Very sexy and misterious
    there’s something about this pic (besisdes the yummi part)…some loliness maybe…

  4. If I looked like that, I’d do self-portraits, too. If I looked like any of the folks on your page, I would. But I don’t. So I won’t. Beatiful work.

  5. 1 doubt lik others even i dis ab urs? anyways too sexy yaar…
    ….a nice pic … u seemd to hav edited d pic well..d sab mast hai re….
    nic sexy well maitained abs and nic pic…tooo
    pic is urs…but abs not urs… na joshi?? hehehehhe

  6. oh, Joshi, couldn’t resist to comment ;) great model and of course technically this photo is stunning as well :)

  7. I like your images very much! This one is my favorite from all I’ve seen here! And it’s not only because of the perfect body that makes you “pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for” what will be like the face, the eyes, the lips that are missing in the image, it’s the black and white colors and the soul in it …

  8. This is smashing lighting and composition!

    I was thinking of doing an implied self-nude torso like this. I might still but now I fear all the more that I won’t be original.

    Well done, Joshi!

  9. oh, so THAT’s what you look like ;) but as with the previous comments – good contrast between light and dark; for one cannot be without the other… peace.

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