Moody Portrait

Moody portrait of female model Konkana Bakshi holding a flower
Konkana Bakshi | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

87 Replies to “Moody Portrait”

  1. You’re really an ace in portrait photography! Love this dreamy portrait, the model is gorgeous and I love the contrast between light and dark, the red flower and the diagonal shadows in the background … perfect!

  2. The wall and the model share the same color palette – But then we get the luscious spot of red color in shape of the rose.
    Love the result, wonder about her sad look…

  3. Joshi – I love the way you have use light and shadows to create this moody overall effect. And your model cooperated with that perfect moody look as well. Awesome.

  4. too good, lovely composition,…i have always wanted to do a similar composition..but theres still a very long way to go :)

  5. Did you use ambient light for this? Looks perfect. Really lovely shot with nice expression on the girl’s face. Looks like she’s either waiting for someone or has just said goodbye.

  6. She’s the same girl who has posed for that ‘Looking backwards’ pic, right? She was wearing a top with big purple dots, na?

    Anyway, pretty nice pic Danny! But, you can do so much better!

    I still love you though… and always will… :)

  7. great piece of work daniel. this is my first visit to ur blog and i ‘ll be lying if i say dat ur work is just a collection of photographs, actually each and every snap of urs is telling a story. the best ones are the pics of Kumbh Mela (Haridwar) .

  8. Joshi! Simply beautiful work on this photo! Konkona is exotic and lovely. The lighting really puts the colors at their best. This is such an alluring and attractive piece of photography.

  9. beautiful colour usage… white with red… awesome…
    “its the most difficult time,
    when I have to wait for your
    ‘just few minutes’…”

    ये एक पल इंतज़ार का
    कितना बेकरार करता है…

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