Beauty portrait of female model Konkana Bakshi
Konkana Bakshi | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

78 Replies to “Beauty”

  1. ohh woww……mast hai re….lovely facial shot….
    somthing naya…hatke par lajawaab hai huzoor……

  2. I always struggled with tight crops in a close up portrait like you have here.
    This frame is an excellent example of how it must be done.
    Splendid result.

    Any chance you’ll reveal your processing here? :)

  3. Joshi, it’s a pitty not to be able to see all these awsome images in a lager size. I really would like appreciate all the daetalis of this last shot in a larger format. I like all in thos image, but specially the skin tones, which are really beautiful.

  4. sthalhey!! kolhaam kolhaaam .. talent macha talent:D:D:D super duper:):) next time take my pic like dat n we cant post it as horror pic:) .. but real gud:d

  5. Love the way yoo captured the eyes…mesmerising!!!though i would say the hands/fingers are just not in place. but its a great shot!!!

  6. well..well..I find one of the most beautiful site..Congrats!..I like the themplate first..also the first..smiles..
    keepup the good work..
    nice picts..all of them btw

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