A dabbawala with tiffin boxes at Churchgate railway station, Mumbai, India
Dabbawala | Churchgate station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A dabbawala (Tiffin Wallah) is a person in Mumbai who collects Tiffin boxes from the residences of the office workers and delivering at their respective workplaces and returning back the empty boxes by using different ways of transport.

60 Replies to “Dabbawala”

  1. arree wah… luk at his face, true dabbawala wit his typical cap & face reflecting focus commitment required to achieve deir efficiency in delivery tiffins….
    woww….dabbawalaa on ur blog wah..achaa laga…..after forbes,prince charles, u too seem to b following dem……

  2. these streetlife photos from you are absolutely a delight!
    the expressions and the understated colors present beautiful vignettes of their world!

  3. at one time, there were essays abt dhabbawalas and how error free they are … nice to see this image here

    guess u did a selective coloring to remove the background clutter?

  4. I love the color of your photos. The processing makes them appear classic, and bit ‘out of time’ kind feeling.
    Great portrait here, I love the way he looks at you, as if wondering what you up to :)

  5. I like those tiffin boxes and I guess they are in the bags? Great portrait and those colors are really great, they create a great mood.

  6. Joshi, street photography is somethin tht I havnt much ventured into…urs is tempting me to get into it quicker…excellent wait n take for tht fraction of a glance!

  7. Well done shots again, Daniel. I really like the way you present the beauty of models and the daily of Bombay. They both come up so well in your range of photography.

  8. My lunch bag is exactly like the one on the top, the red and blue one, same colours and same size and the same graphic on it that says “ARISTOPHANE” I bought mine from Andheri

  9. Another good photo capturing the focused determination of the quintessential Dabbawala. Half of the city will remain hungry if the dabbawala doesn’t deliver the dabba in time. Mumbai & Dabbawalas- Absolutely Inseparables.

  10. if he would have had a Facebook ID and would’ve kept this picture as his profile picture, I’m sure he would’ve received a lot of ‘likes’ and comments. :P

    Brilliant picture!

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