Traditional pottery making in Dharavi

Traditional pottery making in Dharavi, Mumbai
Traditional pottery making | Dharavi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dharavi is Mumbai’s largest slum which is driven by thousands of micro entrepreneurs and is famous for its traditional pottery industry. Potters colony was established in Dharavi by migrants from Gujarat.

75 Replies to “Traditional pottery making in Dharavi”

  1. this looks like a painting rather than real pic… so i guess u have done a wonderful job:P:P .. *salutes* .. told yah i always like these kinda ones:D

  2. Man good pick.. nice contrast .. as every one says YES it looks like an canvas oil painting..

    Gr8 job buddy .. keep rocking u are good and really amaizing in still photography…

  3. Namaste
    nice shot , typical picture
    I like India and come in a few days to visit your country again, this time Rajasthan and Gujarat

  4. Joshi : The lighting, the composition and the expression you captured of your subject is cool. Folks like you are the ones who create art out of photography. Congratulations

  5. This my dear friend is your strong point – Your ability to light up the dark canvas. Excellent control with light and exposure makes this such an engaging piece,great atmosphere and story. Absolutely top notch.

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