Kathakali mudra

Kathakali mudra from kala ghoda festival 2009, Mumbai india
Kathakali mudra | Kala Ghoda Arts Festival | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Kathakali is the classical dance-drama of Kerala, India which originated in the 17th century. Kathakali has a unique combination of literature (Sahithyam), music (Sangeetham), painting (Chithram), acting (Natyam) and dance (Nritham).

59 Replies to “Kathakali mudra”

  1. The shine on the nails is authentic. U sud have shown more of the subject .. though it may have taken the clarity out of the fingers ..

    but try .. u can make it better .

  2. elegant!

    I really enjoyed this picture after the knowing the background….I do hear this Kathakali everywhere, but have never seen this before:p

  3. great photo, as allways. light, composion and depth of field in particularly. just wondering does that handsign mean anything? happy TC!

  4. definitely unique… very different from cliche shots of kathakali…usually prominence is given to colors associated with this it..here you have highlighted the essence ‘the mudras’

  5. I’ve looked everywhere on this page and cannot find a box to “like” your work. I think your photography is amazing and I want you to know and to enjoy seeing your likes counted. Seems very encouraging and reinforcing for both the blogger and the follower.

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