Art nude

Fine art nude of a girl smoking cigarette
Nude | India

50 Replies to “Art nude”

  1. Nice Photo..

    As the above person said. covering the face with hair its old style.. thnk of something better ..!!!

    i jus thought so…

    Any way nice picture

  2. Hi Joshi, thanks for visiting and commenting. Sorry bout the spam-thingy, it does that with every new visitor :-(

    Your photo’s are so beautiful, especially the (half) nudes. So much intimity, so soft, amazing.

  3. interesting pic….good use of light….loved d smoke coming out of ciggarette… loved d darkness & light used in d pic… hey d way d pic is handled she seems to be painfully blowing her life…..

    nice pic…..
    eagerly waiting for newer and classier pics in ur blog

  4. da…………..gooooooooooood one……………u could have made more better……………..good luck next time………..

  5. The light in this shot is very well done. I really like the high contrasts here. They set the mood. I only have a problem with the hand under her breasts. It’s absolutely out of place and because it’s only slightly visible I find it very distracting. Also top right corner, that little patch of light and shadow is also a little distracting. Other than that, very well done.

  6. Joshi,

    I really like your nude or I guess half nude photographs. You create tasteful, seductive images. They truly accentuate women in all the right ways. Your working with light/shadows is wonderful.

    Also, I agree with Mac Sokulski’s comments. The hand maybe just a tad more visible and remove the top right light and shadow. But other than that.. Gorgeous image, fantastic mood set.


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