Art nude

Female black and white fine art nude
Nude | India

48 Replies to “Art nude”

  1. uh ! choke – choke !!

    ahem . ok . so u turned Professional . uhm .

    well . Did not know you started competing with M.F.Hussain’s paintings .

    you have some talent to shoot females . well .

    i see this picture attracting a lot of comments and shocks from your usual viewers.

    P.S : tell the truth … this is photoshop work right ;-)

  2. wow w…. d female luks very sexy in dis pic…well done joshi lovely work
    lovelyy form of nude photography…..u seem to got d best out of her…well done buddy…keep it up

  3. Excellent Snap Buddy !!! But would have been great if she had kept both her hands tied on the back, arching the body to the sides with her face turned back… and then the soft light falling on her body….. Anyways… the picture came out simplyyyy ARTISTIC !!!!! Keep it up Bro :)

  4. No Words..

    Its the real ..ooomph Factor,, U gt the best and a real sex appeal in this picture ..

    All the best .. do your best .. with all wishes

  5. I like the light, and the mood of this shot, but I don’t like the negative space above her head, there is too much of it in my mind. Also I would crop this a little differently…. move the whole view point to the left….. the cut elbow and open right side seems a little off…. but that’s just me :)

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