Reflection of kathakali artist kalamandalam Ratheesan doing make-up
Kalamandalam Ratheesan | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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105 Replies to “Reflection”

  1. God morning from Norway :)

    Reflections indeed.Beautiful colors.
    In the mirror today,I saw a pale face who longs for more sun :)

  2. Excellent framing using the mirror. I am still very surprise to see that they do so precise paintings by themselves without help of other one.

  3. Great composition. Is this manual focus? I’ve always had trouble getting the proper sharpness in reflections. Anyway, I love the colours and the point of view is just perfect!

  4. My comment here will only sound like a little drop in an ocean but I will contribute to it! EXCELLENT photography as always. I have been following u but couldn’t bring myself to comment here..SOrry!! BUt this photograph compells me to say WOW..I just love this culture and creative tradition..Thanks for sharing such a vibrant pic again!

  5. Had seen this photo a few days back, but didn’t leave a comment then. Kathakali snaps taken well never cease to amaze me. This is one such. I really like your work!

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