An Odyssey

A pilgrim carrying holy water from ganga during kumbh mela 2010 in Haridwar
Pilgrim | Kumbh Mela | Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

A pilgrim carrying holy water from ganga.

Read more: Kumbh Mela

Completed 2 years of photoblogging with 106 images and received a total of 266,891 views and 5418 comments!!! Thank you every one for the support  :)

83 Replies to “An Odyssey”

  1. congrats for ur 2 years!! like d man in d pic u too started ur journey in 2008…2 years after u began ur jouney u hav with u many followers lik us who r now part of dis journey and following u!!!
    thank u for starting ur blog which is so beautiful,informative and awesom!!!

    and 1 more thing joshi..u hav mastered b/w photography!! ur b/w pics r simplyy superb!!!!

  2. Pour moi et au premier coup d’œil, cela reste une image avec une énigme, une histoire à connaitre, une image qui doit nous appeler vers une histoire ou vers l’histoire de quelque chose.

  3. congrates for the 2 years … but 106 images is less – would love to see 106 + amazing photos this year !!

    p.s. btw as usual – superb shot love the framing too :)

  4. Awesome….anything else to say???

    But I wish the frame was a bit more wide to get a little more background.
    Still I am a novice…so pls dont take it as a suggestion…but a question…would tht look good?

  5. as i said earlier perfect shot to mark your 2nd photoblogging anniversary :D i have congratulated you enuf .. so i guess can focus on the image to mark ur big day:P simply love it … the man, his feet , one step in mid air .. his destination seems pretty near .. but yours i guess is to thrill us with more pics in the yrs to come…. jus dont over do it :P hehehe this is becoming an essay :P adios n good luck for future :D … jushi darling

  6. Coooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll…keep it up….i ll meet you soon …& give you some priceless tips …..:D

  7. cool shot. I just came back from rishikesh and it was beautiful but i couldnt visit haridwar as there was this kauvery pilgrimage happening and was so crowded and I was suggested not to go there. love your work always.

  8. Terrific framing! The right foot caught in the air conveys a sense of motion and the water drop dangling from the bottom edge of the vessel conveys a sense of purity and freshness of its contents.

  9. an evocative image, thanks for sharing.
    and great job blogging for two years. i have been posting images officially for about half a year. thanks for the incentive to keep at it.

    Happy Blogging!

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