About Me:

I am a photographer based out of India. My passion lies in capturing images of people I’m intrigued by—their faces, the stories behind them, their lifestyles, cultures, and traditions. I like endlessly roaming around the streets, wherever I go, and spend time learning and understanding my subjects. Also, as is apparent from my blog, I do have a soft corner for portraits and images in black and white! If you would like to work with me for assignments and commissioned works, get in touch with me here.

About This Photoblog:

On August 1, 2008 I started this photoblog to showcase the images of people that I shoot  and creating images for this photoblog has always been an exciting and fulfilling challenge. As a mark of my fondness for black and white, this site uses only different shades of grey for all its elements.





Collaborations and Assignments:

GoPro • Google Pixel • Skoda • Daniel Wellington • Philippines Tourism •  Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia • Garuda Indonesia • Dream Cruises • WirtschaftsWoche • Brussels Airlines • Forsyth Lodge • Victorinox

Social Media Followers:

Instagram: 46k+ • Twitter: 24k+ • Facebook: 10k+

28mm Portraits Project:

I’ve been working on my 28mm Portraits Project since June 2017. Click here to take a look at this project.


Exhibited my images at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011, held in Mumbai under the theme ‘Faces’.


Click here to view the entire thumbnail Archive of 627 images posted over the last 11 years.

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If you would like to buy a print of any of the images, get in touch with me here.


I mostly use Nikon DSLRs, Apple iPhones and GoPro to capture images. I occasionally shoot with film.

Copyright Information:

All photographs found on this site are copyrighted to joshi daniel. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of photographs without express and written permission from joshi daniel is strictly prohibited.


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1,853 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi! I saw your Instagram and love your pictures! But you knew that!
    I would like permission to do a pyrography (woodburning) of one or more of these pictures, if possible:
    Rubber estate
    Mysore palace
    KR puram bridge video screen shot.
    Please do reply either way. My Instagram account: giftoflifestravels.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Dear Joshi, I am featuring Raam in my masterclass for Kalaripayatt. May I use your snaps of him please. They are the most beautiful snaps of him. I will provide all credits to your for using them.

  3. Hi, I need some kerala tribal photos for my website. Please contact me 8095310405 immediately or send your number to this

  4. Dear Joshi,

    I am a photography teacher working in a secondary school in England. Some of my students are using you as their Art research for their photography Coursework.

    It would be great if you could e-mail back with how you plan your photo shots.

    Kind Regards

    Mrs A. Rushton

  5. We are a digital media agency based out of New Delhi. We are exploring an opportunity to associate with Mr. Joshi Daniel for an upcoming digital campaign for one of our clients. We can get on a call to discuss it further.

  6. Hello sir,
    My name is Gaurav Pawar Organiser of India’s first and biggest online photography Summit.
    I would like to invite you as a speaker for this Great event. We Didn’t find any contact details on social media. That’s why messaged you here. Please provide your contact details.

    Gaurav Pawar
    Contact no 7414973333

  7. Collaboration with Leverage Edu | Course on Photography

    Hello Joshi Daniel, I am reaching out to you on behalf of Leverage Edu. (Link to our website: https://leverageedu.com/). We are looking to collaborate with exciting creators on our app, Untangled Careers. 


    With the Untangled app, we aim to create a great number of career-oriented sachet courses that are informative, innovative, and user-friendly. Our agenda is to give people the key to “How to Careers”. We wish to untangle the huge and overwhelming experience of building a career by providing accessible information about diverse career opportunities available across vocations, industries, and streams. With the rise of social media, access to the internet, and changing motivations, there has been an enormous increase in career opportunities in fields like Music, Fashion, Photography, Cooking, Literature, Travel, Science, Sports, and so on. Despite the rise in opportunities, many of us do not get adequate guidance or the help of resource persons. We aim at creating courses with professional individuals, influencers & personalities who would like to contribute their knowledge & experience with respect to their profession and inspire others to opt for a career. Our aim is to provide a platform where aspiring individuals and industry veterans can come together and build career ladders. 


    I would like to propose a business proposition to collaborate with us in creating a course with respect to the field of Photography. We would like to discuss and build courses and videos on your area of expertise. We can collaborate to create sachet courses on different topics, professional opportunities, and career obstacles related to Photography across themes, locations, etc. This proposition gives you a chance to build your brand, become a mentor to the masses, and make a good monetary surplus by hosting a course on our platform. If you are interested, we can get in touch and discuss the details in depth regarding the same. We can deliberate and get a better understanding of the project and collaboration. Looking forward to hearing back from you on the same.

    Thank you,
    Himanshi Arora
    Associate Content Development
    Email: himanshi.arora@leverageedu.com

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