Set out

GoPro shot of joshi daniel's feet dangling from the edge of a cliff in Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Self-portrait | joshi daniel | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

A self-portrait on the edge of a cliff in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Shot on GoPro.

Celebrating 10 years of PhotoBlogging with 546 images, 35,478 followers, 2,312,178 views and 59,760 comments!!! Thank you so much for all the love and support :)

The top 3 most viewed images on my photoblog: 1 | 2 | 3 and the top 3 most commented images: 1 | 2 | 3.


131 Replies to “Set out”

  1. Oh wow, superbe, magnifique! Félicitation pour ces 10 ans, c’est merveilleux! Bise, bon mercredi tout doux!

  2. Your work is vibrant, thought-provoking, mind-expanding. So glad you are out there shooting, Joshi, and sharing these amazing images with all of us! You have especially helped me see beauty in human faces and forms, which comes not near as readily to me as appreciating animals. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Hello, Joshi. I find it almost impossible to upload my response to your wonderful photographs because somehow or the other it doesn’t seem to accept my password. It is quite frustrating more so because your most of them provoke thoughts & feelings of the viewer but when one finds they cannot reach you, it can be almost like someone holding his hand over my mouth & not allowing me to say what I want!

    So, I have decided this time to share my response to your above, most unusual shot here itself: The most unusual angle of the photograph gives an impression as if you, the photographer, is about to fly into the sky, using some mini-backpack but powerful rocket. The shot is as if you are taking off from the semi-circle edge of the earth, from a cliff with an ocean in the front. The shot fires the viewer’s imagination and also raises curiosity as to how you would have managed it. Besides giving the viewer and yourself great joy in shooting such most unusual shots, I trust you are also aware of the risks involved and decide judiciously whether it is worth taking the risk. Were you, here in this shot, standing on your toes at the edge of the cliff, I wonder!

    Best wishes for stunning photographs. = Gurudatt

  4. Congratulations! JD on completing 10 years of Photoblogging. It’s a really great achievement 👍 I love your amazing clicks ☺ Keep it up 👍 All the best for your future journey 👍 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Congratulations on 10 years of photo blogging. I enjoy seeing your photos and when I reviewed your top 6 images, all of which I liked, cried again when I read about Nikko. Have you found a new pup or has one found you? All the best to you in the days to come-happy shooting!

  6. Hey mate thanks for always stopping by to like my posts I love your visual adventures particularly this photo its stunning. I was wondering, how do you get 34,000 followers i dont have anywhere near that many and ive been doing my blog for a few years now…any advice would help. See ya 😊

  7. What can be better than sharing such an incredible picture to celebrate your 10 years-long, interesting and successful journey of photoblogging… Congrats Daniel! Keep sharing your wonderful captures with the world :)

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