Sparkling through the darkness

Black and white portrait of an old man from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu
Old man | Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

169 Replies to “Sparkling through the darkness”

  1. The serene look of the old man impresses me…..photograhy is an art and you have mastered it better than any one else. Hatts off to ur skills!!!


  2. Fantastic light. Love the reflections / light in the eyes.

    I don’t know whether it’s because of the light or the white color, the beard is giving a nice feature to his face.

  3. have u become old capturing old people ? by the way nice there of black and whites grey.. i like it . .. consistency.. page is getting improved not just the picture.

  4. Ah! What a wonderful portrait this is. Those eyes speak so much. Part mystery, part tough past, part longing and so much more. The lighting is so apt too. Lovely BW.

  5. Wonderfully captured as always! As everyone said his eyes looks awesome…and of course the defining line along the jaw (that’s what I noticed first)
    Fab job, Joshi:)

  6. Once again, a very striking image. For a light so dark, the overall feeling is surprisingly calm, almost soothing.At the same time, the look in the eyes, combined with the uneasy but firm pose of the mouth force the clash of many antagonist reactions in my mind. Well done.

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