A balloon man in Mumbai

A balloon man looking up at a bunch of colourful balloons in his hand in Mumbai
A balloon man | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A balloon man looking up at a bunch of colourful balloons in his hand in Mumbai, India.

273 Replies to “A balloon man in Mumbai”

  1. What a nice shot, Joshi. Didn’t know there were balloon men on the streets of Mumbai. Absolutely love how you capture him looking up – he looks very happy with the balloons :)

  2. Indeed, your images resonate… Went through your Mumbai album and very much enjoy ‘getting off’ on the memories they bring back. I was there 1970-75. Thanks! Who can set up a website like yours for me?

  3. The image reminded me of the e.e.cummings poem, In Just. I had the pleasure of reading the words again – except for the balloons there is no connection to your photo. However, both are beautiful.

  4. I’m intrigued by the shape of the balloons, and the way their colors almost make a picture-within-a-picture. Great like always. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do think it’s a shame though that as I was uploading on my PC, my Internet connection was slow and I had to sit looking at the advertisements on you blog which loaded before your photograph did. I waited because I always enjoy your photography, the photograph didn’t display, just the ads. I had to come back when I’d finished and my Internet connection was back. I came back because as I’ve said I enjoy your photography. I didn’t enjoy the ads very much. Just a thought. I’ve resisted ads on my blog now for a long time. I will continue to resist I think.

  6. This has such wonderful framing. I love the light, and how the man could almost be just another car…except he has a bunch of wonderful balloons floating over him. Lovely.

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