A street vendor in Dharamsala

Black and white portrait of a street vendor lady in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala
A smiling street vendor | Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

A smiling street vendor lady in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, India.

180 Replies to “A street vendor in Dharamsala”

  1. Awwh… she looks so pleasing. I was having a tense face and as soon as my eyes fell on this photo, my eyebrow frowns disappeared and a smile ran through my face in an instant. I believe that’s the magic your photography holds. Thanks in many ways Joshi :)

  2. Joshi I think you cannot get better than this. You have made Beauty in those wrinkles prominent.
    I would say this is classic photography.

    It reminded me of my granny’s innocent smile which I cherish as the most precious of my memories. my loving memories.

    With a smile
    Dr. Payal Trivedi
    Keep clicking

      1. Joshi there are hundreds of photographers in this world. I feel photography or any art form becomes special only when it makes its viewers feel for it in a very strong sense. Now I think the Indian word ‘atmasad’ ( I know you know its meaning) fits best for this feeling that is engendered when one sees a work of art that touches ( both artist and recipients of art) equally and transcends the circumference of the banal reaching the spiritual plane. This picture is for me an example of the ‘ divine art’ that is the route to redemption or moksha.

        thanks joshi for such an experience that cannot be described in words… It is sat chit Amanda for me _ the true divine bliss. that is why I could not help but comment on it. So do not thank me. It is a spontaneous expression.



  3. I found your blog while going through some Photography Blogs. All the photos are brilliant and beautifully composed but this one is very nice. I love the lightening in this photos.
    Shaadi Capture

  4. The pic shows how amazing the passing of time has been on her, even though she is working very hard to survive, there is still a beautiful smile on her face..

  5. Nice shot! The viewer wants to meet this lady. In our own travels, we’ve been struck by how many people want to be photographed — feel that they have something special to offer the world (and the camera). Because they really do.

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