Idli vendor in Chennai

Portrait of an idli vendor splashing water over cooked idlis in Chennai
Idli vendor splashing water over idlis | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Idlis, made of fermented rice and black lentils, are a part of traditional breakfast in most South Indian households. Roadside vendors in Chennai, India sell soft idlis for a very cheap rate ranging mostly between Rs.2 and Rs.5.

169 Replies to “Idli vendor in Chennai”

  1. Hai Josh, I love your idli photo from Chennai. The idli maker sprinkled water and you caught that moment brilliantly. The sprinkles shine like pearls floating in the air. Brilliant.

  2. Again, the light is beautiful, and in this instance, intriguing because of the dual emphasis: centrally, on the vendor, and then the water in motion, to his right. Dynamic and yet soft at the same time. Lovely!

  3. There’s that Rembrandt lighting that you’re so very good at. Beautiful photograph. And it’s good to see idlies the way I remember them. In the states when you order idlies, they come as big as a dinner plate and almost crunchy.

  4. I was wondering why you chose to have his face so far out of focus and then I noticed the water splashing. I love the tension that creates! An artistic shot, indeed.

  5. Your way of photography is just simply inspiring . As I have a passion for photography ( amature obviously) I hope to capture pictures like yours that each tell a different story .

  6. Wow! Sometimes photographs shot in low light are better picture. This is one of them. You have successfully hidden all the unwanted elements around and engaged us with Idliwala’s actions.

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