A balloon man in Mumbai

A balloon man looking up at a bunch of colourful balloons in his hand in Mumbai
A balloon man | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A balloon man looking up at a bunch of colourful balloons in his hand in Mumbai, India.

273 Replies to “A balloon man in Mumbai”

  1. What a nice shot, Joshi. Didn’t know there were balloon men on the streets of Mumbai. Absolutely love how you capture him looking up – he looks very happy with the balloons :)

  2. Indeed, your images resonate… Went through your Mumbai album and very much enjoy ‘getting off’ on the memories they bring back. I was there 1970-75. Thanks! Who can set up a website like yours for me?

  3. The image reminded me of the e.e.cummings poem, In Just. I had the pleasure of reading the words again – except for the balloons there is no connection to your photo. However, both are beautiful.

  4. I do think it’s a shame though that as I was uploading on my PC, my Internet connection was slow and I had to sit looking at the advertisements on you blog which loaded before your photograph did. I waited because I always enjoy your photography, the photograph didn’t display, just the ads. I had to come back when I’d finished and my Internet connection was back. I came back because as I’ve said I enjoy your photography. I didn’t enjoy the ads very much. Just a thought. I’ve resisted ads on my blog now for a long time. I will continue to resist I think.

  5. This has such wonderful framing. I love the light, and how the man could almost be just another car…except he has a bunch of wonderful balloons floating over him. Lovely.

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