Photo of my dachshund puppy Nikko lying on my feet

Nikko by my feet | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Nikko was a 51-days-old dachshund puppy when I got him. He liked to sleep on my feet or on my slippers and he was so little that he could easily fit into one slipper. The first couple of days, he hardly slept and was always running around and hungry. I was always sleepy after I got him because I could never match up to his energy levels and I was planning to follow his diet! As usual, in the first week, I was taking his pictures. One time, he sat down in one spot and stared at me. Even when I called him, he kept staring at me. I was wondering what happened to him. Usually, he’d always follow me around or would come if I called him. After a few hours, he started vomiting and it would not stop. I took him to the vet and the vet confirmed it was Canine Parvovirus. We began treatment the very same day. After a day or so, he showed signs of recovering. But again, he went back to vomiting and diarrhoea. Over the next few days, he would pass out bloody diarrhoea. One day, in spite of the IV, he didn’t stand up. The whole day he lay there in the same position I had kept him. But he had vomited only twice that day, so I was excited to think that he was recovering. But sadly, he cried one last time and he left us. I wanted him to see this world and enjoy life and wished that he would always stay small. But he chose to stay young forever. Life feels empty and silent now.