Working in the paddy fields

Portrait of a lady working in a paddy field in Karnataka, India
Lady working in a paddy field | Karnataka, India

Lady working in a paddy field in Karnataka, India.

168 Replies to “Working in the paddy fields”

  1. Great lines, with the colorful reflections. And the angle shows the back breaking pain of the work. Makes me want to be there shooting scenes along side you. So inspiring for an aspiring photographer who desperately loves India from afar. Not just for the colorfulness of the country but for the people and the land of Shah Rukh Khan!!

  2. Hi Josh, such a stunning image. I can but aspire to one day take photos like this but you have provided inspiration for post #107 on my Photo Blog. It is scheduled for Feb the 13th and linked back to you. Please keep an eye out! Love your work.

  3. joshi daniel , u are too good, u are going in a right way of photography,it is really is showing that how the farmers is working in the field, only for we peoples, these farmers are working without any rest , so that they can fill happiness in others life..i like it very much..its reallu good..Good job ..Dont stop it..

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