A young boy playing maracas

A black and white portrait of a young boy from a Chennai musical band holding a pair of maracas
A young boy playing the maracas | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A young boy playing the maracas during the 100 Days Celebration of MGR’s film Aayirathil Oruvan at Albert Theatre in Chennai.

131 Replies to “A young boy playing maracas”

          1. LOL I’m going to purchase some frames tomorrow, so hopefully should have them up this weekend – so looking forward to seeing them :D I usually buy landscapes, but you’re just a really good portrait photographer, catching people in a moment… which often makes one envision themselves right there, looking into that person’s life, just for a split second. I’m appreciating portrait photography more because of you :D peace.

              1. it makes me happy knowing your happy! i looked at them again last night… i almost cried for the woman – unsure why it evoked such a strong emotion in me; maybe it’s just such a beautiful shot? i could quite happily stare into smoking man’s eyes for the whole day, frankly… you really caught his view well. just know, i am appreciating your skills!!!

  1. Thanks for liking my post. Nice pictures u got here, they are unique.
    Just followed you, pls do follow back. Thanks.

  2. When I use my hand to cover the right side of his face, I see that he’s questioning who you are and why you’re photographing him. When I cover the left side; however, he seems lost in the music; not caring about anything but that, so much that there’s a hint of a smile.

  3. You must have a gentle and non-threatening nature to be able to get such natural, relaxed expressions from your subjects. This one is heartbreakingly beautiful.

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