A young boy playing maracas

A black and white portrait of a young boy from a Chennai musical band holding a pair of maracas
A young boy playing the maracas | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A young boy playing the maracas during the 100 Days Celebration of MGR’s film Aayirathil Oruvan at Albert Theatre in Chennai.

131 Replies to “A young boy playing maracas”

  1. As a photography very nice but on the other hand very sad, dreariness of his face magnifies his life.

      1. I haven’t had a chance to hang the images yet as I’ve been a bit unwell… but once I do, you’re getting a photo of them ironically ;)

          1. LOL I’m going to purchase some frames tomorrow, so hopefully should have them up this weekend – so looking forward to seeing them :D I usually buy landscapes, but you’re just a really good portrait photographer, catching people in a moment… which often makes one envision themselves right there, looking into that person’s life, just for a split second. I’m appreciating portrait photography more because of you :D peace.

              1. it makes me happy knowing your happy! i looked at them again last night… i almost cried for the woman – unsure why it evoked such a strong emotion in me; maybe it’s just such a beautiful shot? i could quite happily stare into smoking man’s eyes for the whole day, frankly… you really caught his view well. just know, i am appreciating your skills!!!

  2. Thanks for liking my post. Nice pictures u got here, they are unique.
    Just followed you, pls do follow back. Thanks.

  3. When I use my hand to cover the right side of his face, I see that he’s questioning who you are and why you’re photographing him. When I cover the left side; however, he seems lost in the music; not caring about anything but that, so much that there’s a hint of a smile.

  4. You must have a gentle and non-threatening nature to be able to get such natural, relaxed expressions from your subjects. This one is heartbreakingly beautiful.

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