At Shankhumugham beach

Self-portrait of joshi daniel standing next to a bicycle and a boat at Shankhumugham beach in Trivandrum
Self-portrait | Shankhumugham, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Shot using a GoPro after an early morning ride to Shankumugham beach in Trivandrum, Kerala.

219 Replies to “At Shankhumugham beach”

  1. Love this photo – it’s like a still life with objects of interest, especially the human (you) which gives warmth and intrigue to the image. The boats hint of human presence, yet the one person in the image isn’t a fisherman, but a bicyclist whose mount patiently awaits! Great angle, great shot, Joshi!

  2. Lovely pic Joshi! We have created a unique platform for photography contests in India –

    I would urge you to take part in the contest. We have some exciting prizes to offer. Would appreciate if you can also spread the word regarding this :) Do stop by…

  3. I appreciate photos that help us see the world from different angles. One of the reasons I like your work. “Everyday” things can suddenly seem new and fresh. Thank you.

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