Making Goli soda

A worker at Vasu and Co. Goli soda factory in Chennai aerating the contents of a soda bottle
Making Goli soda | Vasu and Co., Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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75 Replies to “Making Goli soda”

  1. Very interesting point of compostion and composition. It was a welcome surprise to see you the person becomes the background and the grasses are in focus. Nicely done.

  2. I remember you writing about the enterprise being in financial trouble, and I read up on that elsewhere also. That was a while back. What has happened to the Goli Soda industry since?

  3. Great photos! Catchy color.
    If you’d go visit the Philippines, you would really want to see each of the Philippine islands (7,107 islands) minus the bad regions – no offense.
    Culture and traditions are among the Philippines best assets.

  4. Very creative, but what about hygiene, dress code, health and safety. I guess these are for public consumption or are they for private use.

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