Black and white portrait of an old man from Mumbai with an apprehensive look
Old man with an apprehensive look | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

96 Replies to “Apprehension”

  1. Each wrinkle on his face tells a story. Not to mention precious looks in their eyes that you always manage to capture set your portraits apart!

  2. Awesome man….I can feel the palpable tension on the old man’s faceAwesome man….I can feel the palpable tension on the old man’s face

  3. Awesome man….I can feel the palpable tension on the old man’s face. Age and wrinkles are positively correlated,,,,

  4. Another stunning portrait, Joshi. He certainly looks apprehensive, glancing slightly back like that, deep in thought. And you captured the moment perfectly well :)

  5. Nice use of DOF; keeping the wrinkled forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks sharp but the rest of the image blurred. It directs attention exactly where it’s needed.

  6. I don’t see apprehension so much as somewhat amused resignation. He looks as though there’s a pithy inner monologue going on behind those eyes. A beautiful portrait, to be sure.

  7. Wrinkled face. All natural expressions. This picture I am liking the most because it is closer to reality.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wonderful image and I can see “apprehension” in the set of the gentleman’s mouth. Terrific tone to all of your images. Thank you for visiting my own site – I’m very pleased to have found yours. I love pictures of people, but I’m no good at taking them myself. You have a very nice touch!

  9. I really like this but feel I shouldn’t – he has such a sadness in his eyes. I hope he wasn’t apprehensive for long.
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post.

  10. The kind of man that would catch someone’s eye. Beautiful face n beautifully captured but I don’t think apprehension suits :)

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