Pedalling away

A turbaned old man cycling away on a flooded road during the rains in Amritsar, Punjab
A turbaned man cycling on a raining day | Amritsar, Punjab, India

106 Replies to “Pedalling away”

  1. Amazing shot, Joshi. You can certainly tell the turbaned man is concentrating on keeping his bike steady through those waters. I don’t know, but that bike looks kind of new :)

  2. So many things I can say about it, like the fact that he’s in front of the motorbike to the right of him which could symbolise so many things. But in the end, just a great photo; makes me smile inside. :o)

  3. Beautiful shot, Joshi, the man’s posture and face are relaxed, tired, determined, experienced, just as he has been going through his whole life. Very nice.

  4. Spot on photograph! There’s tension in the wheels wading through the water, there’s tension in the way he sits on the bike and how his face looks. It begs the question, what has this man been through today (or for that matter, his whole life)? I just randomly stumbled upon your site, but I’m going to follow! Really amazing portfolio.

  5. Another great shot, Joshi.
    I was fascinated when I was in India by watching all the goods being transported by men on bikes. There were some situations I just couldn’t believe were possible, like a man carrying a two-foot stack of fabrics on one side of the bike and pedaling along. I just couldn’t see how he could balance and propel that much weight, too.

  6. There is a sadness about the pic… His stance is as if after all that has happened to me today, I now have to pedal through this rain…

  7. When it rains in India it surely rains! I love the look of concentration on the guy’s face. Given what can hide under the water it’s very understandable that he is fully focused.

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