An old scrap dealer from Bangalore

Black and white portrait of an old man trading in scrap in Madiwala, Bangalore
Old man | Madiwala, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

91 Replies to “An old scrap dealer from Bangalore”

  1. Do you mind sharing your technique, Joshi? These are al fresco, right? Do you do a lot of post-processing to make the lighting effect so dramatic? no processing can capture the person like you do, but I’m curious about the technical quality as well.

  2. A great comforting face to observe and learn about life that is so full of curiousness and liveliness, than the stereotypical models seen in Indian advertisements and TV.

  3. Incredible portrait yet again, Joshi. I have no idea how you capture people catching their glance like that but without any hint of posing. I like the slight squint of the eyes, and love how the white of the beard frames against the backdrop. Love your captures.

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