Farmer in Mangulam

A farmer standing in the fields in Mangulam village, Madurai, while fertilising the field
Farmer | Mangulam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

93 Replies to “Farmer in Mangulam”

  1. Beautiful composition and Color. You captured the photo of that man with very good perspective. I even could feel the heat of sunny day.. Great capture, Joshi..


  2. Amazing shot, Joshi. Such strength coming from that ma, physically and emotionally. He looks like your everyday warrior, doing everything possble even under the hot sun to make a living. Also, his face sort of screams “I dare you to take a photo of me” :)

  3. What a powerful expression on his face! I wonder, when you photograph people, do you get their permission? I have shied away so many times from taking a photo.

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