Portrait of a cute young girl in Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, peeking from behind a pillar
Cute girl behind a pillar | Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

150 Replies to “Peekaboo”

  1. Bokeh plays such an important role here without at all detracting from the subject of the photograph. Of course the little girl’s face is appealing, but the lines in the photograph give it added impact: the strong vertical of the pillar, the horizontal and diagonal lines in the background, and the lines of the clothing on her shoulder. Even the inclination of her head and angle of her arm add to the dynamics of this composition. And then there’s the color! It’s an absolutely wonderful photograph.

  2. I like the picture.It has a range of well matched colors.
    Beautiful girl, full of expressiveness.


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