A Ravanahatha player in Rajasthan

Black and white portrait of a Ravanahatha player from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Ravanahatha player | Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Ravanahatha (Ravanhatta), meaning ‘Ravana’s hand’, derives its name from ‘Ravana’, the mythological king of ancient Lanka, who is also believed to be the creator of the instrument. It was perhaps the string instrument which was played with the help of a bow. Present-day musical instruments such as the violin can be traced back to this ancient instrument.

76 Replies to “A Ravanahatha player in Rajasthan”

  1. Another stunning photo from you, Joshi. Love how you always manage to capture facial expressions and emotions with such clarity. Clearly this guy is very focused on playing his instrument here. I hope you enjoyed the music :)

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has just got to be my favourite so far… I love rajastahn and everything about it… and this has captured the essence of rajasthan so very well.. Kudos!!

  3. Captivating picture of Ravanahatha player in Rajasthan. I wonder how they play it so soulfully and skillfully. Thanks for posting!

  4. If you are trying to show Ravanahatha then you shoud have had made it the focus of the picture. As someone who is from Jaisalmer, I knew this was Ravanahatha even though only half of it is shown, but for those who are not from Rajasthan this pic is not something that shows the instrument clearly.

  5. Ha Ha Ha..this photo rewind memory when I clicked something similar and published on my site. You have your own vision too. Good looking photograph. Thanks for sharing.

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