Portrait of an old man from Mylapore

An old man in Mylapore, Chennai with Vibhuti smeared on his forehead
An old man with Vibhuti smeared on his forehead | Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

95 Replies to “Portrait of an old man from Mylapore”

  1. Vibhuti smeared thus…makes me think of him being a Shiv Bhakta. Equal to all…the lines…
    i also look at the mala…u have it out of focus but hahaha i am looking at that because i too wear one of those…Sphatik it is called in Hindi…not for anything but my husband gave it to me…says it will keep me cool. Hahahaha.
    Btw…do stop by once in awhile at my posts too for pics sake…and give me ur comments…i am taking a lot of those pics of tiny hidden beauties…trying hard to make it look as beautiful as they appear to me…but…don’t know…

  2. Yes, I see all the religious aspects, but what draws me into the picture are the eyes. At first I thought them daring, but I believe that’s incorrect. There’s a forthrightness in them, an openness. <3 <3 I am awestruck by them.

  3. What a beautiful photo, beautiful man. Hard to tell if the expression is of sadness or tenderness. Makes me think of my father for some reason, which also makes me feel sad.

  4. His eyes look so sad. I’m ashamed to admit, but it makes me want to run away. His need feels too great for me to handle. Plus, I feel like he can see into my soul and is exposing my heart. Beautiful amazing photo.

  5. What a gaze… (Both you and the subject!)
    I have similar pictures taken by my parents in pakistan in the fifties.
    Have to exhume them from my archives.
    sixty years ago and nothing has changed!
    Have a great week-end

  6. Thanks for the like. Just checked out your blog and holy cow you are amazing. Your pictures remind me of some of the classic Magnum photograoers back in the days of film. Beauiful portrait, I love his expression and the shallow dof. The b+w conversion is stunning as well.

  7. I wonder what I see in this man’s expression–patience, inner peace, contemplation? He is a good subject for your portraiture, Joshi, and you did well as you always do. The religious aspect of the application of Vibhuti immediately made me think of the observance of Ash Wednesday (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ash_Wednesday). Again, great work, Joshi.

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