Freshly steamed corn

A man selling freshly steamed corn at Chennai, India
A man selling freshly steamed corn | Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

106 Replies to “Freshly steamed corn”

  1. I can almost smell it, and I like the colour of the man’s shirt and the corn-you have a knack for telling the story and giving us a glimpse of the country and its people.

  2. I loved the street food scene in India. Even in the humblest parts of the country had some form of food carts. This picture totally takes me back to my trip couple years back. Thanks. :)

  3. Hmm … I love how the yellow stands out in the picture.
    And now I’m craving for some of that yellow goodness. :)

  4. This photo rewind memory when I during Devprayag visit stop at Teen Dhara and clicked something similar photograh. Thanks for sharing photo Josh.

  5. I agree that the colors of this photograph contribute to its impact, and I also think much of what makes this a stunning photo is the (probably) wide-angle lens you chose and how close you were to the subject when you took the shot. I was in and around Chennai 15 years ago but rarely got out at night. Nice to see what I missed!

  6. Amazing photos – this one in particular caught my eye. I love the contrast of the yellow corn with the blue shirt and the fact that you captured the steam. Nice job!

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