A Muslim wedding in Bangalore

A Muslim wedding in Bangalore
A muslim couple after the wedding | Bangalore, Karnataka, India

83 Replies to “A Muslim wedding in Bangalore”

  1. Hey, sorry about the last comment – i thought i had copied my original post entry, but it turned out just to be the site URL:
    I wanted to say that this has very beautiful cultures and that it is amazing to see how muslim culture adapts where ever it is in the world. This has got a very “idian” feeling to me.

  2. This is fabulous. I can feel the weight of the hand and the solemnity and value of the blessing which is being bestowed. It is a very, very special photograph.

  3. Quite lovely! I particularly like the imposition of the hand on the bride’s head. A most universal gesture where head and hand connect!
    Thank you

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